May 1, 2012

Mama mia...

Worried about what to get dear old mom for mother's day now that the Association for Toxic Odor Control finally banned... er...since the store was out of the gi-NOR-mous bottles of perfume you usually buy her? Not to say Mother's Day is about gifts, but if you're looking for a trinket to show your appreciation, look no further! Here's a list (I told you we love lists) of things that I think would be just lovely :)
1. A Photo Book! How cute is that? These look fabulous and are easy to make on sites like Shutterfly, Picaboo, Kodak Gallery, etc. Some photography stores will do them as well.
(source: Shutterfly)

  2. Unique Mommy Jewelry
Sites like etsy have endless amounts of unique and customizable jewelry. I'm certainly not knocking "traditional" mom jewelry, but sometimes it's fun to go outside the box! Here are a few examples that have caught my eye:
I'm really digging this ring from CrystalBlue07 on Etsy! I've also seen similar items with children's names or birthdays in bracelet and necklace form too. Love, Must get. Coughhintcough

Uhh maaah gaaaawd! Yes, this IS a customized necklace made from a child's artwork. This is by Etsy seller Miavanbeek. Honestly, I'm tearing up just looking at this. I can't even handle how sweet it is!

I've seen a few variations on the mama-bird style jewelry, but thought this one by Etsy seller MenuetDesigns was just cute as a button! 

3. Go semi-homemade! If you have a digital camera you're ready to go one this one! You can easily turn any photo to black and white at a print-it-yourself photo kiosk! You can get mat board custom-cut at a frame shop to match any picture frame of your liking, but many chain stores sell adorable pre-cut multi-photo matted frames as well.                        (source: oxforddesigngroup)
4. Book a photo session! Is there a mom on earth that wouldn't appreciate a fantastic family portrait like this stunning one from Times Infinity Photography? And right now is the perfect season to book a session with a local photog for some awesome (and fun!) outside shots!
So tell me, what do you have planned for the various moms in your life? :)

**for the record, I was not paid or other compensated by any of the sellers mentioned above. They are all things I found on my own and am lusting after.**

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