May 3, 2012

" Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight."- Rumi

I've been asked, on more than a few occasions how I manage to be so happy everyday, not to mention  so happy on Monday mornings. I would like to say that being happy comes as naturally as breathing, but that is both untrue and borderline obnoxious. It took me a long time to realize that happiness isn't something that falls in our laps, nor can we expect to find it in places we go looking for it. Happiness, for me, has meant rejoicing in the small things. The sun on my face; laughing with my husband until my stomach aches; the sound of my daughter singing from her room in the morning; iced tea and flip-flop days.... little things to celebrate each day.

I had the opportunity today to take the afternoon off of work and spend it with my daughter. Not to go all Anne Shirley on you all, but sometimes a dandelion is the most perfect of posies ;-) Love her little face so much!

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