Apr 28, 2012

Oh Mother Nature...

Oh Mother Nature... you win again you shady lady you! 

I should have prefaced my previous post by saying that the arrival of springtime in Vermont generally means that the minute everyone whips out the flip flops (which is at about 35 degrees) and pastel prints, we are hit with at least one more  snow storm. It's a cruel joke that nature likes to play on us every year. We fall for it every time, always hoping that this year will be the year the snow will melt for good in March. And I must say that this year we feel particularly hard after the 80 degree temps in both March and April!

Ahhh well, We shall go back to pinning barbeque ideas on Pinterest and continue our garden planning inside ;-)

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Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Hey, at least down here in White River we didn't receive any snow... :)