Sep 4, 2012

This is a Mom-ocracy...

At some point I will write what I'm sure will be an enormously long post all about the Terrible Twos vs. the Horrible Threes. However, I'm pooped and though I am uncharacteristically going to attempt to stay up and watch one of my favorite old movies, I'm not sure I have enough energy (physically or emotionally) to write that all out tonight.

However, this evening while Kiki and I chatted long distance, lamenting and laughing over the daily power struggle that is raising a 3 year old, I was reminded of something we wrote and giggled over some time ago. It seems more applicable than ever now!And while yes, parenting is tiring, frustrating and often leaves questioning whether you really are the boss, I wouldn't trade one single (even the exhausting ones) second that the hubs and I have shared with our sweet peanut! Tough but worth it!

I am the boss though, right?
Um....guys? Right?!


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